About Onyx

What is Onyx?

Onyx is a computer sex game. Move around the board buying up properties. If you land on a property that is owned by somebody else, you must either pay rent or work off the debt! Players work off debt with all kinds of intimate actions, from mild to kinky. As the game progresses, so does the action! Play with people you are intimate with, or want to be!

You can work off the debt by being assigned fun, sexy erotic actions.

Look out for special squares! If you land on the Torture Chamber, you must draw a "torture card" with an erotic torture on it. At Center Stage, you are put on display; in the Random Encounter square, you will be assigned an erotic action with another player; and on the Fate squares, the luck of the draw dictates your fate.

You control the "spice" of the erotic actions, from harmless fun to wild, anything-goes kink. You choose "roles," which tell the game what kinds of actions you prefer to be involved in. If you don't like being tied up, just tell Onyx that you will not accept the "bondage" role.


Onyx 3.7 Now Available for macOS, Apple Silicon and Intel native!

Onyx 3.6 and earlier did not work on Macs requiring 64-bit native apps. Onyx 3.7 now works on modern Macs, and is optimized to run natively on Apple Silicon Macs. A version of Onyx that runs natively on Windows ARM devices is also available!

UPDATE: Some Mac users were reporting an error saying “Onyx 3.7.app can’t be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software.” I have updated the app to address this issue; it should work properly now.


Onyx runs on Macs (OS X 10.14 or later), Windows (Windows 7 or later), Windows for ARM (Windows 11 or later), and x86 Linux (GTK 2.0+).

Onyx is available for free download. The free version can only be played on the mildest two "spice level" settings. Onyx can be registered by paying the $35 shareware fee. Registration gives you a serial number to unlock the full version, and it also gives you the Card Editor program, which you can use to create your own card decks.


Onyx contains explicit descriptions of sexual acts. Some of the high-level actions in Onyx describe erotic actions like bondage and power exchange.


If you are under the legal age of consent or live in a place where this material may be restricted or illegal, YOU SPECIFICALLY DO NOT HAVE A LICENSE TO OWN OR USE THIS COMPUTER PROGRAM. There is absolutely no warranty of any kind, expressed or implied. Use it at your own risk; the author disclaims all responsibility for any kind of damage to your computer, your car, your refrigerator, or to anything else.

By downloading Onyx, you certify that you are an adult, age 18 or over, and that you consent to see materials of a sexual nature.





You can download and play Onyx free. If you want, you can register Onyx. The free version of Onyx lets you play on the lowest two spice levels. It does not let you create or edit your own actions.

If you pay the registration fee, you will receive a serial number that unlocks the higher spice levels. This serial number also lets you use the Card Editor program to edit your own actions.


When you register Onyx, you will receive a serial number in a separate email. This email will typically arrive in a couple of business days; it may be a few days longer for some out of country orders. I apologize for this delay, but attempts at credit card fraud have made it necessary to wait for the information to clear before the serial numbers are sent.


Yes. Unlike most software, Onyx is registered to you as a person and not to a specific computer. Provided you do not give your serial number to other people, you may use it on more than one computer you own (for example, on a laptop and a desktop).


Yes. The serial number is not tied to a particular operating system. You may use your serial number on any OS.


Yes. Send an email to sales (at) symtoys (dot) com and I can look up your serial number. Please let me know either the name or the email address you registered with!


In the past, I've had problems with people attempting to commit fraud by ordering a copy of Onyx, getting the serial number, then immediately canceling the order with their credit card company. As a result, I have been forced to go to a manual system, where I wait for the payment to reach my bank, then generate the serial number. I apologize for having to do this, but a few bad apples have spoiled things for everyone.


Check your spam folder. I have had some problems in the past with some email service providers, especially Yahoo, Gmail, and Hotmail, falsely flagging the Onyx regisration emails as "spam." If you don't see the registration email in your spam folder, send an email to sales (at) symtoys (dot) com. In some cases, especially with Hotmail, it may be necessary to create another email address to send the registration to.


I have discovered that Onyx 3.6.4 sometimes shows this error message on some macOS Sierra systems. This problem is resolved in Onyx 3.6.5 and later. If you have encountered this problem, please download Onyx again.


Apple does not permit any sexually explicit content in the App Store. There are sex games for iOS, but they aren't really apps; they are actually Web apps running through a customized browser. I've considered a mobile Web app or Android version, but unfortunately, it would require completely re-coding Onyx. I'm not ruling it out, but it won't happen soon, sorry!


Ubuntu 12 introduced a change; menus are hidden and appear when you move the mouse pointer all the way to the top edge of the screen (not the window).


Onyx requires GTK 2.0 or later, glib2, glibc and libsdtdc++5. Most Linux distros include these by default, but they may not be installed on some systems. Also, some systems include libsdtdc++6 but not libsdtdc++5. If Onyx refuses to launch, or complains about a missing library, make sure that these libraries are installed.


Onyx on Linux is a 32-bit application. If you are running 64-bit Linux, you'll need to install the 32-bit compatibility libraries as well.

Onyx isn't tested with every Linux distro, as that would take a dozen lifetimes. I test it on the popular desktop distros (like Ubuntu and Fedora), but there's so much variability between distros and systems that it might not always work. Worst case scenario, the Windows version does work under WINE. If you get a Linux serial number, that same serial number will work on the Windows version running in WINE.


You may need to install the GStreamer or Xine library, if your distro doesn't include these by default. You don't need to install both; Onyx can use either one.

Onyx 3.6.5 for Mac will on some occasions give players the wrong amount of money when they draw a Fate card that causes them to lose money. This problem is fixed in Onyx 3.6.6, which is now available. This version also fixes minor Windows and Linux bugs. You can install it by downloading the Onyx application again; it completely replaces Onyx 3.6.5.

There is also a new Card Editor version for Mac. The Windows and Linux Card Editor remains unchanged. (May 22, 2017)
Onyx 1.0 was released in 1996, twenty years ago! I have begun work on Onyx 4. Among many other new features, including significantly redesigned gameplay. A lot has changed in twenty years, and Onyx 4 is designed to be much more friendly to trans and nonbinary players. I've written a blog post about updating Onyx to be more inclusive here. (September 28, 2016)
Onyx 3.6 is a maintenance release that fixes bugs, improves compatibility with Windows 7 and Windows 8, and improves performance and compatibility with future versions of Mac OS X.

Onyx 3.6 is a free upgrade to Onyx 3 users.

To improve compliance with Windows Vista/7 programming guidelines and Windows 8 requirements, a significant change has been made to the location where Onyx stores its card deck files.

In the past, these files were stored in the Onyx folder in the Program Files folder. This could cause problems with the Card Editor, which in some configurations of Windows Vista and 7, and all configurations of Windows 8, would have to be run as Administrator.

With Onyx 3.6, the card deck files are now kept in the application data folder, which in Windows XP is

C:\\Users\(user)\Application Data\

and in Windows Vista and later is


The Uninstaller has been updated to reflect these new locations, and will remove the Card Deck files from the appropriate places if Onyx is uninstalled.

Because of this change, to keep Onyx 3.5 (and earlier) distinct from Onyx 3.6 if you have both installed, Onyx 3.6 now defaults to a Start menu group named "Onyx36" rather than "Onyx". You can install Onyx 3.6 without removing older versions of Onyx. This gives you a chance to save any card deck files you may have edited or created.


If you have edited or created card deck files with the Card Editor using previous versions of Onyx, you must copy the card deck files you have edited out of the previous Onyx application folder and into the location shown above. The Onyx 3.6 installer installs the Card Deck files in the new location, not in the Onyx folder in the Program Files folder!


Onyx News

I have temporarily turned my attention away from Onyx 4. Late last year, my mother was diagnosed with cancer, and this has distracted me from Onyx 4.

I am pleased to announce that I have refactored Onyx 3 to work with modern versions of macOS and run nativeon Apple Silicon. Onyx 3.7 is now available, and works with Intel and Apple Silicon Macs.

The Card Editor still doesn't work on modern Macs, but is likely coming in the next week or two.



Windows 7 or later
26MB Hard Drive Space
OS X 10.10 or later
45MB Hard Drive Space
Linux x86 - GTK 2.0+
26MB Hard Drive Space